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Our perfect companions never
have fewer than four feet.
~ Colette

Natalie (Owner)

I am 34 years old and live in Pfeffigen BL with Rob and our 3 year old German Boxer named "Memory". As a lifelong pet owner, I know from experience how difficult it is to leave your pet and have a good conscience about it. There are always situations where you can't always take your "best friend" with you or when you cannot be at home throughout the day. That can be due to vacation, jobrelated travel, sickness, or even moving to a retirement home. The motivation to take my passion for pets and turn it into a profession was based on my own personal experience and on my affinity for animals. During my studies, I always looked after other people's pets and in 2012 I decided to make a living doing what I enjoy the most and founded wecare4pets.

Since 2012 wecare4pets has provided loving, reliable and professional care for housepets. It is vital for our success that your pets are cared for in the same way you do so and also in their own familiar environment. With our service, we would like to fill the gaps when you cannot be there and we provide custom solutions for the optimal care of your beloved companions.

Experience with cats: individual cat care, cat sitting during holidays. Seminars: Feline Zoology, Animal Behavior and Animal Husbandry, First Aid for House Pets.

Experience with dogs: Individual dog care, dog walking, first aid for house pets, federally required dog obedience class (SKN) and in training since June 2012 to become an officially licensed dog trainer through the Swiss Federal Veterinary Office (FVO).

Equine experience: lifelong rider, individual horse care, SKN horse obedience course. (The course is federally recognized and permits private ownership or boarding of up to 11 horses according to federal regulation Art. 31, Abs. 4 Bst.b und Art. 192, Abs. 1 Bst.c)

Small animals: All animals get our devoted attention: whether turtles, chinchillas, hamsters, or tropical fish. You love them like family; so do we.


My name is Eveline Baumgartner, I live in Zwingen and I have a big heart for animals.

I studied animal behavior and have worked 7 years as an expert in a petstore and at a cat asylum and since February 2013 I have been a proud team member of wecare4pets. I completed the federally recognized Swiss EFZ course for pet care providers and also attended a first aid course for pet owners.

I rescued Shiva, a Podanco mix from the streets of Spain in 2008. Then in 2011 I rescued Taro, a Goldern Retriever-Husky mix so she would have a friend. We go to dog training classes three times per week. There we work with positive reinforcement and various approaches, for example, with food-filled prey dummies, herding games and also dog dancing. I am a lifelong cat owner and I have two tomcats. I completed a course on cat ownership and have worked in a cat rescue center.

Guinea pigs, a chinchilla grannie, and a dwarf hamster are also in my menagerie that live with us in our winter garden, naturally in separate, divided cages. I also have turtles who live in my garden when they are not hibernating. I am proud that my Greek Land Tortoises have laid eggs here and I had the honor of watching them hatch!

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