small animals

The love of all living creatures is
the most noble attribute of man.
~ Charles Darwin

An initial consultation prior to every assignment
is free and non binding.

The watering of room plants, emptying of your mailbox, opening and closing of the shutters is included in every holiday care.

Reliability and discretion are guaranteed.

We will lovingly take care of small animals such as rodents, birds and fish onsite. Consequently the animals do not have to be relocated during your absence.

Our care includes the changing of drinking water, feeding, and the cleaning of coarse dirt in the cages. Also, there will of course be no shortage of caresses for your pet. If you wish, we do also clean the cages up completely.

In case your pet needs medication, we can administer it.

For requests simply use our contact form or contact us via telephone or e-mail. We will reply to it immediately.
We look forward to your contacting us!